For several years, singer/songwriter Anthony Frijia honed his craft at open mics, bar gigs, and festivals in his home state of Maryland, sharing the stage with notable local acts Ballyhoo!, Pasadena, Skribe, and Pressing Strings.

The 2017 release of Frijia's first, full-length album Into the Valley was accompanied by a cross-country tour, which was halted suddenly, when he had to return home to Maryland due to medical emergency.

After spending the next several months recovering physically, and mentally, Anthony picked up the guitar again, began writing, and dove deeper into songwriting.

In 2019, Anthony moved to San Diego, and, while drawing inspiration from popular americana, folk, and blues artists,  returned to the studio in January 2020 with the goal of recording something that would more-closely resemble his live sound- a raw blend of soulful, lyrically-introspective vocals, paired with percussive, acoustic guitar- and wound up with the 5-track EP Through a Black Wind (4/27). Spearheaded by the single Wild Horses, and largely inspired by his cross-country move, comes on the heels of a solo tour, for which Frijia played several shows across the southwest and continued to live out of his van.

The second half of 2020 has seen Frijia pump out a series of singles- most recently the soulful, easy listening "When The Morning Comes"- in anticipation of a fall tour through Florida.